Lightweight and Non-Combustible Furniture

non-combustible lightweight marine furniture system promarine 450

Berths Chest of drawers
Desk cabinets Wall bookcase Wardrobe Base cabinets


Each product is certified non-combustible in accordance with MED. Products are also tested under other standards such as U.S. Coast Guard Directive.


Promat boards can be painted, wood veneers laminated or HPL laminated. Different shades, colours and textures are available upon request.


Promat's boards are lightweight. Thanks to this characteristic, Promat boards can be integrated in many specifications where the weight is a key issue. PROMARINE®-450 is 30% lighter than traditional solutions. 

Non-combustible and lightweight panels for an integrated solution

The production of non-combustible calcium silicate boards and lightweight high performance insulation materials is one of Promat's best strengths.

Promat manufacture interior furniture for accommodation areas for cruise ships, ferry boats, mega yachts, living quarters and for all types of work boats.

Promat's products for marine applications stand for: high performance, significant space & weight savings, fast installation and tailor-made system solutions meeting the requirements of both shipyards & clients.

PROMARINE®-640, PROMARINE®-450 and PROMASIL®-MARINE are non-combustible in accordance with MED certification.

Promat can provide custom made furniture, cabinets, casework, and other related woodwork. In case of fire, the use of Promat systems reduces risk from ‘Moderate Risk (Category 7)’ to ‘Minor Fire Risk (Category 6)’ between accommodation areas and their surroundings.

Other design considerations can be taken into account such as weight, thickness, aesthetic requirements and the durability of the solution.

Thanks to a wide range of tested and proven systems, Promat provides customised solutions suitable for the most stringent specifications where multiple requirements can be met.

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