Thin and Customised Scrubber Insulation

International and national regulations have been issued in response to greater concern about air quality, with particular reference to SOx, NOx and particulate contents.  Annex VI of the IMO MARPOL Convention applies to all ships trading internationally and has been adopted by all local administrations. Regulation 13 for NOx and Regulation 14 for SOx emission limits are particularly relevant. Regulation 4 allows flag administrations to approve alternative systems of compliance that are effective to reach the required limits. Exhaust gas scrubbing technology is one of the means that vessel operators have adopted to comply with MARPOL emission limits on new builds and existing vessels.

The Challenge

Space availability on board ships is always a big constrain the designers have to face, to fit all the equipment on board without affecting payload. The installation of a Scrubber system is one additional issue to solve both for new builds and for retrofit installation in particular: there is often very limited space in the casing for housing all exhaust pipes, silencers and filtering units. This is also reflecting on the thickness requirements for the Thermal Insulation System, necessary to contain the external surface temperature of scrubber tower within acceptable limits for ship’s safety.

The Solution

Promat have developed a very thin and lightweight insulation arrangements, based on IMO Certified materials. Promat Thermal Calculation Service will engineer the optimal insulation solution to suit individual circumstances (see two examples below) based on:

  • Scrubber dimensions
  • Internal temperature
  • Cold face temperature
  • Insulation thickness requirements
  • Installation time constraint (for retrofit)

In addition, if excessive sound in the scrubber tower is a factor, Promat IMO Certified noise barrier PROMASOUND® TL as a finishing layer can be added.

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