Acoustic Project Development

Applied acoustics requires technological and material knowledge as well as laboratory experimentation. The latter requires manufacturing and long periods of tests in well equipped acoustic laboratories. As much as these tests may be accurate, they are always relative to mock ups or small samples of the real element to be examined. With all the limitations which these conditions put on tests, we ensure that the simulations are as close to the real conditions of use as possible. Promat, given its technological knowledge and experience at its disposal, and thanks to a series of important investments, is today able to propose new solutions with an innovative and scientific approach.

statistical energy analysisPromat is equipped with a proven 3D calculating software, named S.E.A. (Statistical Energy Analysis), to preview the acoustic soundproofing of complex elements or parts of these. This is enhanced by all the experience, creativity, technique and products of a world market leading Group operating in 37 countries.

With SEA, Promat is able to reach outside the limits of laboratory testing, and to offer an innovative project development which can address and qualify acoustic performance of structures, materials and economic evaluations of the adaptable solutions, from the earliest project phases.

Promat is capable of developing acoustic solutions in various market sectors, from building construction to industry, environments, machines or machine parts, offering not only materials, but also a complete range of services and qualified technical assistance which draws on many 

Our skills in acoustic insulation projects

statistical energy analysis-acoustic and vibration simulation in yachtstatistical energy analysis-noise simulation between two separated rooms