Fire Protection for Ship’s Survivability and Safe Return to Port

Promat has now devoted its know-how and experience to provide a solution in the marine market aimed at enhancing fire protection in all compartments of the ship where the risk of fire is higher (Engine Rooms, Machinery Spaces, Galleys)

Thin & lightweight fire protective solution

PROMAGUARD® A240 Plus has performance that exceeds the SOLAS standard, providing the highest levels of Ship's Survivability to Fire Hazard.

Up to now, the approach to enhanced fire protection on ships and yachts has been mainly based on developing safer active systems and increasing redundancy to reduce risk of non performance in fire hazard. However, active systems means more equipment on board, increasing complexity, weight and maintenance costs. 

The newly developed passive solution PROMAGUARD® A240 Plus, provides guaranteed performance with a relatively low weight, comparable to standard mineral wool A60 insulation. The test conducted at RINA Fire Laboratory achieved more than 4 hours of insulation by combining PROMAGUARD® with high quality Isover ULTIMATE®, with a total thickness of 75mm and only 7.5 kg/m2.

Application to achieve enhanced fire protection class notation and safe return to port for cruise, ferries and yacht is then envisaged.

Acoustic Insulation

The PROMAGUARD® A240 Plus solution on steel is also capable of providing noise reduction of up to 54dB (ISO 10140/2). This can be additionally improved by applying PROMASOUND® TL, the acoustic mass barrier developed by Promat, to achieve up to 58dB.

The Product

The basis for such a solution is provided by PROMAGUARD®, a microporous insulation flexible board characterised by the lowest thermal conductivity (see chapter below: "Thermal characteristics") and extreme shield protection against the fire in a restricted configuration.

Thermal characteristics

PROMAGUARD® has the lowest thermal conductivity value compared to most traditional insulation products available on the market.

10mm PROMAGUARD® produces (in relation to density and temperature) a reduction in the irradiated heat and an insulation that would be achieved by 50mm typical fibrous material.

Hence, PROMAGUARD®, with a weight of 2.4kg/m2 for 10mm thickness, can provide the best thermal performance and can achieve A60 Class fire protection.

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