Promat®-SYNTHESIS Floor

Sail and relax in a comfortable, safe and stable environment

Vibration on board ships is the most relevant issue any naval architect needs to control for a comfort increase configuration design. Among solutions for damping local vibration and creating sound absorption and airborne noise passive barriers, the flooring system can significantly make the difference with respect to standard existing solutions.

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High performance vibration-damping system

Based on the experience gained in the Mega-yacht market, Promat has created Promat®-SYNTHESIS Floor, an acoustic insulated floor, with integrated passive fire protection.
The insulation performance has been tested in accordance with ISO 10140-2 and evaluated Rw index as per ISO 717-1. The system comprises of a steel or aluminium frame, acoustically dampened and decoupled with PROMADAMP®-CLSK2S and PROMASOUND®-TL, combined to form CK FLOOR on which a flooring system is installed (Promat®-SYSTEMFLOOR or PROMARINE®).

Advantages and main features

synthesis-floor-acoustic-anti-damping-vigration-marine-floor-application-systemPromat®-SYNTHESIS Floor is a highly innovative marine structure:

  • Based on a steel or aluminium structure with patented joints and adjustable feet 
  • Lightweight 
  • Designed to be easily installed on board with a very short installation time 
  • Easily adjustable feet, no need to use cleats or to be shimmed 
  • Acoustically damped through suitable rubber feet allowing the structure to “elastically float” in order to reduce noise and vibrations 
  • Patented fixing system to deck through glue injection through foot stem after adjustment
  • Minimum elevation of 32 mm (nominal 50mm finished with Promat®-SYSTEMFLOOR or PROMARINE®)

The grid system


The Application

One application of Promat®-SYNTHESIS Floor with integrated passive fire protection was provided on the deck above the Engine Room of a MM60 Aluminium yacht as shown in the image below.


The basis for such a solution is provided by Promat®-SYSTEMFLOOR, an acoustic floating floor, specifically developed for thermal and acoustic performance.

Each flooring element is composed of two PROMINA®-M boards, glued together with a 50mm overlapping system in order to allow system continuity on both length and width. The flooring must be glued using Promat®-SYSTEMFLOOR glue, that has been designed to ensure the necessary adhesion between the floor elements.


  • Resistant to high humidity
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability


PROMARINE®-640 is a non-combustible autoclaved calcium silicate board, reinforced with selected minerals and fibres and has a nominal dry density of 640kg/m3.
It is formulated without inorganic fibres and does not contain formaldehyde.
The board is off-white in colour and has smooth sanded surfaces. The board can easily be finished with high pressure laminates.
It is resistant to the effects of moisture and will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions.


PROMARINE®-PX1 is a new generation of non-combustible mineral bound board, using the innovative PROMAXON® technology.
Providing superior strength, insulation and stability, PROMARINE®-PX1 is available in 12, 15 and 19mm thicknesses.
When bonded with high-pressure laminates, PROMARINE®-PX1 can be installed as linings, partitions and ceilings on seagoing vessels and offshore platforms.

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